Dr Kathryn Stok

Dr Kathryn Stok is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Engineering at the University of Melbourne, and an innovative biomedical engineer in quantitative microstructural imaging (micro-computed tomography) and biomechanics of cartilage and joint structures.

She has a PhD from ETH Zurich, Switzerland, devising novel imaging and mechanical platforms for quantitative measurement of articular cartilage. In 2008, Dr Stok founded the Integrative Cartilage Research (ICR) Group at ETH Zurich, establishing research projects in quantitative mechanobiology around the themes of microstructural imaging of biological tissues and organs, and characterisation of regenerative medicine materials and tissue engineered constructs.

In September 2016, Dr Stok came to the University of Melbourne to continue this work. She aims to improve mechanobiological measurement and control methods using novel imaging, mechanics and computational modelling. This involves the development of novel, in vivo, imaging-based measurement technologies for hard and soft biological tissues in 3D at different length scales.

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